Drill machines are probably the very first mechanical device developed together with the principle of rotating a tool to create holes. Drill machine is used worldwide mostly in the construction industry. The Machine comes in different kinds, types, and sizes from hand to computer controlled. Drill machines consist of a column, a foundation, spindle, dining table, and drill mind.  They can also be used in the home for repairing and other purposes. Drilling machine automates your work and makes your work easier and faster. In this article, we will review and compare the Best Drilling Machine sold online in India. We have made drill machine price list to help you in making a good decision by comparing the top selling models.

There are numbers of brands in the market selling some of the best drilling machine for home use. We will see which one is the best when it comes to budget and features. You can see the drillmachine price list in the review if you want to buy the budget-friendly drilling machine. This review will consist of those machines that you can buy for home use.

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  • Drilling Machine buying guide for new users
  • Types of Drilling Machine
  • Features of Drill Machine
  • Top 10 Best Drilling Machine Online in India
    • #10. Bosch GSB 600 Re Smart Drill Machine Kit
    • #9. Black & Decker HD455KA Drill Machine
    • #8. Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Machine Kit
    • #7. Build skill BED 2100 Drilling Machine
    • #6. Bosch GSB 1300 – Impact Drill Machine
    • #5. Bosch GSB 500
    • #4. Black and Decker KR 704
    • #3. Cheston CHD-6103 Drill Machine
    • #2. Bosch GSB 10
    • #1. Cheston CHD-6104
    • My personal recommendations
  • Conclusion
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Drilling Machine buying guide for new users

The review is aimed at those new users who are looking for some drilling options online. In the article, we will try to ease your job of searching new drilling machine. We shall discuss different types of the drilling machine and the features you should look for while buying drill machine. There will be a price comparison table with basic features which we believe will assist you in the best possible way.

Types of Drilling Machine

Drill machines are mostly used in the home to make holes and other maintenance work. The machines can make your work easier which otherwise would have been tough to do manually. Broadly the best drill machine for home can be divided into three types.

Radial Drilling Machine

In this type of machine, the drilling head can be fitted on the radial arm. The advantage of this machine is you can use multiple head as well as base plates of different dimensions. This will help you to drill different materials with variable size. The radial arm is flexible as you can rotate it or even lower it as required.  This type of drill machines are popular mostly in the industrial sector. You can find this machine in two different formats:

  1. V belt is driven
  2. Geared format

Pillar Drill Machine

These are mostly economical drill machine that can be upgraded whenever required. They are popular as they are efficient and precise. Your task is made easy by this type of drill machine.

Drilling cum milling machine

These are multi-purpose machines. They can be used for both milling and drilling works. This type of machine can be a good solution for places that have the space problem.

Features of Drill Machine

It is important that you are well recognized with drill machine before you buy it. There are a number of features you must consider while buying any drilling machine. You can choose the best drill machine for yourself that has most of the features discussed below.

With cord / cordless

Depending on the use of your drill machine you must choose your machine as cordless or with cord. Cordless drill machines must have the good power back up so that you do not have power issues while working. The drilling machine with the cord has an issue with portability. You must wisely choose the drilling machine depending on your area of work.


This is the part of machine used to hold different bits together. Chunk comes with different size and the most popular one is 3/8” chunk. There are two types of chunk in the drill machine.

  1. Keyed chunk – In this type of chunk mechanical key is used to tighten and loosen the bits.
  2. Un-keyed chunk – you must use your hands to hold the bits and they get tighten as the machine drives.


This feature is used to remove the bits from the surface. Whenever the bits get stuck in the wood or other surfaces the drilling machine has to work using this feature. The reverse feature enables drill machine to remove the stuck bits. Keyless chunk by default will have this feature and for other drill machines, you must check properly.


This is an important feature that every drill machine must have. Speed is necessary to drive the screws properly in the surface. While you look for the best drill machine in India this feature is one of the things you must check. The force to drive the screw is determined by the speed of the drill machine.

Speed Setting

Speed setting is required to manage the speed of the drill machine so that the screw does not go more than required. Different work requires the different speed of the drill and hence the speed setting must be adjusted accordingly.


Clutch helps to stop the overdriving of the screw. This assists the user of the drill to know exactly where to place the screw and hence work is done with perfection. You must look properly for this feature as well while you are buying new drill machine.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other features you must consider while buying drill machine. The best drill machine has the combination of all these features however you may have to adjust sometimes because of budgetary constraints. You can look for budget-friendly drill with basic features available. We will be posting the comparison table below to ease your search.

Top 10 Best Drilling Machine Online in India

Below this, you will find the Best Drilling Machine price along with reviews & product description.

#10. Bosch GSB 600 Re Smart Drill Machine Kit

This is a multi-purpose drill that is useful to drill plastic, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. Bosch Drill Machine is useful for both professional and single user at home. It comes with both forward and reverses switch useful for screw driving. Bosch Drill Machine has a suitable design for doing household work and has a 600 watts power motor.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 600FeatureTwo way switchPower600 watts

PROSCONSMulti functioning drillTools attached with the drill are not of good quality.Two way hammering modeeasy handling

Explore here More Best Bosch Drilling Machine Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#9. Black & Decker HD455KA Drill Machine

This drill is used for different type of work with ease and comes with 550-watt motor. It comes with powerful hammer stroke that can be useful for people doing DIY works. This drill can be used for homework and industrial sector as well. It has adjustable speed which lets you start calmly and take control over your work. The extreme capabilities of these drills are 10 mm into steel and stone and 20 mm into the wood. You can also check this Drilling Machine Price and reviews On Amazon to get a better view of different people using it in daily life.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBlack DeckerModelHD455KAFeatureUseful for DIY workPower550 watts

PROSCONSCan drill into varieties of materialLacks some tools in the kit.Good for home repairsControl facilities Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#8. Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Machine Kit

When it comes to doing simple housework, repair, and maintenance then this drill is the best drill machine available. With proper handling and some simple technique you do not need to call a plumber for most of the house work. This drill has a comfy design making it easy to handle. It makes perfect holes and drills in the wood or even rough surface.

Product InformationDetailsBrandSkilModel6513 JDFeatureUseful for household workPower550 watts

PROSCONSThe drill machine is kind of bulky.Can drill any surfaceGood speed Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#7. Build skill BED 2100 Drilling Machine

This is an electric impact drill machine from the Buildskill Company. It comes with an ergonomic design for easy handling and advanced technology that makes drilling easy. The assisting handle halt can be easily rotated 360 degree, making it comfortable to use.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBuildskillModelBED 2100FeatureRotating halt in assisting handlePower350 watts

PROSCONSComes with reversible functionBits are not provided with drill machine.The drill machine is energy efficient.Comes with reverse function Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#6. Bosch GSB 1300 – Impact Drill Machine

This Bosch Drill Machine is a perfect metal tool with a variety of tasks offered and completed with ease and precision. You can complete any task with this drill machine with confidence and perfection. Bosch Drill Machine comprises top quality equipment, making it easy for you to do any kind of work.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 1300FeatureMetal worksPower550 watts

PROSCONSCan shift from impact to drill mode with easeDrill bits and rod not provided in the kit.Ball bearing construction full Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#5. Bosch GSB 500

Comes with the tool set from the Bosch Company and is a lightweight kit. It has a solid design and handy in use. Has an efficient power rate and comes with both forward and reverse spin. This Bosch Drill Machine comes with 10 mm drilling diameter and speed regulator to let your fingers control what you want to do. You can check this Bosch Drill Machine price & Reviews on Amazon and buy now.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 500FeatureLight weightPower500 watts

PROSCONSHandy tool set useful for easy repairingManual screw driver not provided in the kit.Perfect for home DIY taskThe kit is easy to use Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#4. Black and Decker KR 704

The brand Black and Decker is a leading producer of drill machines and this model is one of the best drill machines you will find online. It has a lot of power and strength and can be your good assistant when it comes to drilling. The drill has easy to use design and consumes 710 watts. This drilling machine is powerful and can be used in the toughest surface.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBlack & DeckerModelKR 704FeaturePowerful motorPower710 watts

PROSCONSIt comes with powerful hammer tool.The machine sparks at times.The design makes it convenient to use. Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#3. Cheston CHD-6103 Drill Machine

Powerful and amazing design from Cheston that is energy efficient as well as stylish. Semi-metal framing of the body makes this drill machine more durable. It comes with reversible function and is a handy tool for home use. The design of this drill machine makes it easy to use. You can buy this drill machine online at cheapest price.

Product InformationDetailsBrandChestonModelCHD-6103FeatureSemi-metal outer bodyPower480 watts

PROSCONSPowerful drill machine.Drills bits / rods are not provided in the kit.Efficient when it comes to power consumptionSemi metal body and sleek design Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#2. Bosch GSB 10

This is one of the most powerful drilling machines among its competitors. It is a perfect fit for refurbishing and fitting tasks. The drill is a combination of powerful motor, sleek design and light weight body. You can use this drill with confidence to do any repair task. This drilling machine price is also affordable as compared to other drilling machines.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 10FeatureLight weight and powerfulPower500 watts

PROSCONSComes with impact and screw driving modeDrills does not come in the kit.It has steps for changing bits Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#1. Cheston CHD-6104

 A powerful drilling machine from the Cheston Drill Machine online store can be used to drill any holes in the wall or to perform any refurbishing task. Comes with the set of tools and is made up ofsemi metal body. This drilling machine is durable and comes with a number of insert bits. Explore and Buy a wide range of Cheston CHD-6104 with all latest features and specifications. Compare the Cheston Drill Machine Price and buy now!

Product InformationDetailsBrandChestonModelCHD-6104FeatureDurable and powerfulPower350 watts

PROSCONSEssential drills missing in the kit.

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