Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder Reviews

Are you looking for a best Wet grinder for your kitchen? Congratulations, you’ve stumbled upon the right post. The perfect batter is a secret to make a soft idly and dosa and for anything for that matter. The better the batter is the yummier your food gets. Here’s in this post we’re reviewing the best top table wet grinder from Elgi.

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Table Top Wet Grinder

The 2L compact perfect wet grinder finds a large place in your heart. It is loaded with features that are the perfect blend of taste and health. This model is one of the most popular and highly rated. It offers easy to grind and store batter in the same multi-utility drum. It has got excellent customer reviews and highest ratings ever by any other wet grinder.  It is also noiseless and vibration free operation. Elgi gives amazing 5 years warranty on the product. It also uses AISI 304 food grade stainless steel.



  • This is also from Elgi Company but capacity of this grinder is 2L
  • It has patented conical stones for better and effective grinding in low batter temperature
  • Its strong ABS body is lighter in weight, with stylish looks and long life.
  • It also has a dish-shaped multi-utility drum
  • Batter can be stored in the same drum after grinding
  • It is powered by 150 W
  • Also use grinder of Atta Kneading, coconut scrapping,
  • Also get batter clean for easier cleaning of the conical stones
  • Elgi gives unbeatable 10 years warranty

Pros & Cons


It is fitted with conical stones for effective grinding and low batter temperature

It is powered by 150W for better grinding.

Batter can be stored in the same drum after grinding

ABS Body is light in weight, longer life stylish looks

It is good for easy cleaning of conical stones


Costly but quality is awesome

Table Top Wet Grinders – Advantages

  • The Elgi Ultra Grind+ Table Top Wet Grinder makes the batter smooth and easy for dishes like idli, dosa, any sort of dough.
  • Get the best quality grind for a perfect batter.
  • You get more quantity in the separate wet grinder.
  • Making a dough or batter is a nightmare for some and generally, people avoid using them so it’s always better to invest in a wet grinder save yourself from the messiness it puts you through.

Choosing the Best tableTop Wet Grinders

Choosing a wet grinder could be a task. These days wet grinder comes with lots of additional attachments like Atta Kneader, coconut grater or chapatti dough mixer. Dough making is ideal for those who like to keep it clean, faster, and efficient.

3-Stone Wet Grinder vs. 2-Stone Wet Grinder

The best part about the wet grinder is that it gets the job done faster and efficiently. It works best as there is the more grinding surface of the stone rubbing against the idli dosa batter. The smooth the batter in the grinder will be the same the only difference is that you might need to grind about 5 to 10 minutes more in the 2 stone.


Tilting Wet Grinder vs. Non-Tilting Wet Grinder

The best part of having a tilting wet grinder is that it gets easy to pour out the idli dosa batter from wet grinder drum with you having to lift the drum and pour the liquid into the vessel. It gets even better if the capacity of the drum is large for over two years. After emptying the grinder you need to clean the drum and for this, the drum has to be carried to the sink. So the only advantage with a wet grinder is that you need not always carry the drum with batter in it. Thus it is not a major advantage to have a tilting wet grinder. Apart from this, there is always the chance of the tilting mechanism not to work properly.

Top 10 Best Drilling Machine For Home Use In India

Drill machines are probably the very first mechanical device developed together with the principle of rotating a tool to create holes. Drill machine is used worldwide mostly in the construction industry. The Machine comes in different kinds, types, and sizes from hand to computer controlled. Drill machines consist of a column, a foundation, spindle, dining table, and drill mind.  They can also be used in the home for repairing and other purposes. Drilling machine automates your work and makes your work easier and faster. In this article, we will review and compare the Best Drilling Machine sold online in India. We have made drill machine price list to help you in making a good decision by comparing the top selling models.

There are numbers of brands in the market selling some of the best drilling machine for home use. We will see which one is the best when it comes to budget and features. You can see the drillmachine price list in the review if you want to buy the budget-friendly drilling machine. This review will consist of those machines that you can buy for home use.

Page Contents [hide]

  • Drilling Machine buying guide for new users
  • Types of Drilling Machine
  • Features of Drill Machine
  • Top 10 Best Drilling Machine Online in India
    • #10. Bosch GSB 600 Re Smart Drill Machine Kit
    • #9. Black & Decker HD455KA Drill Machine
    • #8. Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Machine Kit
    • #7. Build skill BED 2100 Drilling Machine
    • #6. Bosch GSB 1300 – Impact Drill Machine
    • #5. Bosch GSB 500
    • #4. Black and Decker KR 704
    • #3. Cheston CHD-6103 Drill Machine
    • #2. Bosch GSB 10
    • #1. Cheston CHD-6104
    • My personal recommendations
  • Conclusion
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Drilling Machine buying guide for new users

The review is aimed at those new users who are looking for some drilling options online. In the article, we will try to ease your job of searching new drilling machine. We shall discuss different types of the drilling machine and the features you should look for while buying drill machine. There will be a price comparison table with basic features which we believe will assist you in the best possible way.

Types of Drilling Machine

Drill machines are mostly used in the home to make holes and other maintenance work. The machines can make your work easier which otherwise would have been tough to do manually. Broadly the best drill machine for home can be divided into three types.

Radial Drilling Machine

In this type of machine, the drilling head can be fitted on the radial arm. The advantage of this machine is you can use multiple head as well as base plates of different dimensions. This will help you to drill different materials with variable size. The radial arm is flexible as you can rotate it or even lower it as required.  This type of drill machines are popular mostly in the industrial sector. You can find this machine in two different formats:

  1. V belt is driven
  2. Geared format

Pillar Drill Machine

These are mostly economical drill machine that can be upgraded whenever required. They are popular as they are efficient and precise. Your task is made easy by this type of drill machine.

Drilling cum milling machine

These are multi-purpose machines. They can be used for both milling and drilling works. This type of machine can be a good solution for places that have the space problem.

Features of Drill Machine

It is important that you are well recognized with drill machine before you buy it. There are a number of features you must consider while buying any drilling machine. You can choose the best drill machine for yourself that has most of the features discussed below.

With cord / cordless

Depending on the use of your drill machine you must choose your machine as cordless or with cord. Cordless drill machines must have the good power back up so that you do not have power issues while working. The drilling machine with the cord has an issue with portability. You must wisely choose the drilling machine depending on your area of work.


This is the part of machine used to hold different bits together. Chunk comes with different size and the most popular one is 3/8” chunk. There are two types of chunk in the drill machine.

  1. Keyed chunk – In this type of chunk mechanical key is used to tighten and loosen the bits.
  2. Un-keyed chunk – you must use your hands to hold the bits and they get tighten as the machine drives.


This feature is used to remove the bits from the surface. Whenever the bits get stuck in the wood or other surfaces the drilling machine has to work using this feature. The reverse feature enables drill machine to remove the stuck bits. Keyless chunk by default will have this feature and for other drill machines, you must check properly.


This is an important feature that every drill machine must have. Speed is necessary to drive the screws properly in the surface. While you look for the best drill machine in India this feature is one of the things you must check. The force to drive the screw is determined by the speed of the drill machine.

Speed Setting

Speed setting is required to manage the speed of the drill machine so that the screw does not go more than required. Different work requires the different speed of the drill and hence the speed setting must be adjusted accordingly.


Clutch helps to stop the overdriving of the screw. This assists the user of the drill to know exactly where to place the screw and hence work is done with perfection. You must look properly for this feature as well while you are buying new drill machine.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other features you must consider while buying drill machine. The best drill machine has the combination of all these features however you may have to adjust sometimes because of budgetary constraints. You can look for budget-friendly drill with basic features available. We will be posting the comparison table below to ease your search.

Top 10 Best Drilling Machine Online in India

Below this, you will find the Best Drilling Machine price along with reviews & product description.

#10. Bosch GSB 600 Re Smart Drill Machine Kit

This is a multi-purpose drill that is useful to drill plastic, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. Bosch Drill Machine is useful for both professional and single user at home. It comes with both forward and reverses switch useful for screw driving. Bosch Drill Machine has a suitable design for doing household work and has a 600 watts power motor.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 600FeatureTwo way switchPower600 watts

PROSCONSMulti functioning drillTools attached with the drill are not of good quality.Two way hammering modeeasy handling

Explore here More Best Bosch Drilling Machine Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#9. Black & Decker HD455KA Drill Machine

This drill is used for different type of work with ease and comes with 550-watt motor. It comes with powerful hammer stroke that can be useful for people doing DIY works. This drill can be used for homework and industrial sector as well. It has adjustable speed which lets you start calmly and take control over your work. The extreme capabilities of these drills are 10 mm into steel and stone and 20 mm into the wood. You can also check this Drilling Machine Price and reviews On Amazon to get a better view of different people using it in daily life.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBlack DeckerModelHD455KAFeatureUseful for DIY workPower550 watts

PROSCONSCan drill into varieties of materialLacks some tools in the kit.Good for home repairsControl facilities Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#8. Skil 6513 JD 13mm Drill Machine Kit

When it comes to doing simple housework, repair, and maintenance then this drill is the best drill machine available. With proper handling and some simple technique you do not need to call a plumber for most of the house work. This drill has a comfy design making it easy to handle. It makes perfect holes and drills in the wood or even rough surface.

Product InformationDetailsBrandSkilModel6513 JDFeatureUseful for household workPower550 watts

PROSCONSThe drill machine is kind of bulky.Can drill any surfaceGood speed Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#7. Build skill BED 2100 Drilling Machine

This is an electric impact drill machine from the Buildskill Company. It comes with an ergonomic design for easy handling and advanced technology that makes drilling easy. The assisting handle halt can be easily rotated 360 degree, making it comfortable to use.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBuildskillModelBED 2100FeatureRotating halt in assisting handlePower350 watts

PROSCONSComes with reversible functionBits are not provided with drill machine.The drill machine is energy efficient.Comes with reverse function Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#6. Bosch GSB 1300 – Impact Drill Machine

This Bosch Drill Machine is a perfect metal tool with a variety of tasks offered and completed with ease and precision. You can complete any task with this drill machine with confidence and perfection. Bosch Drill Machine comprises top quality equipment, making it easy for you to do any kind of work.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 1300FeatureMetal worksPower550 watts

PROSCONSCan shift from impact to drill mode with easeDrill bits and rod not provided in the kit.Ball bearing construction full Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#5. Bosch GSB 500

Comes with the tool set from the Bosch Company and is a lightweight kit. It has a solid design and handy in use. Has an efficient power rate and comes with both forward and reverse spin. This Bosch Drill Machine comes with 10 mm drilling diameter and speed regulator to let your fingers control what you want to do. You can check this Bosch Drill Machine price & Reviews on Amazon and buy now.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 500FeatureLight weightPower500 watts

PROSCONSHandy tool set useful for easy repairingManual screw driver not provided in the kit.Perfect for home DIY taskThe kit is easy to use Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#4. Black and Decker KR 704

The brand Black and Decker is a leading producer of drill machines and this model is one of the best drill machines you will find online. It has a lot of power and strength and can be your good assistant when it comes to drilling. The drill has easy to use design and consumes 710 watts. This drilling machine is powerful and can be used in the toughest surface.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBlack & DeckerModelKR 704FeaturePowerful motorPower710 watts

PROSCONSIt comes with powerful hammer tool.The machine sparks at times.The design makes it convenient to use. Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#3. Cheston CHD-6103 Drill Machine

Powerful and amazing design from Cheston that is energy efficient as well as stylish. Semi-metal framing of the body makes this drill machine more durable. It comes with reversible function and is a handy tool for home use. The design of this drill machine makes it easy to use. You can buy this drill machine online at cheapest price.

Product InformationDetailsBrandChestonModelCHD-6103FeatureSemi-metal outer bodyPower480 watts

PROSCONSPowerful drill machine.Drills bits / rods are not provided in the kit.Efficient when it comes to power consumptionSemi metal body and sleek design Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#2. Bosch GSB 10

This is one of the most powerful drilling machines among its competitors. It is a perfect fit for refurbishing and fitting tasks. The drill is a combination of powerful motor, sleek design and light weight body. You can use this drill with confidence to do any repair task. This drilling machine price is also affordable as compared to other drilling machines.

Product InformationDetailsBrandBoschModelGSB 10FeatureLight weight and powerfulPower500 watts

PROSCONSComes with impact and screw driving modeDrills does not come in the kit.It has steps for changing bits Check Latest Price On Amazon Check Latest Price On Flipkart

#1. Cheston CHD-6104

 A powerful drilling machine from the Cheston Drill Machine online store can be used to drill any holes in the wall or to perform any refurbishing task. Comes with the set of tools and is made up ofsemi metal body. This drilling machine is durable and comes with a number of insert bits. Explore and Buy a wide range of Cheston CHD-6104 with all latest features and specifications. Compare the Cheston Drill Machine Price and buy now!

Product InformationDetailsBrandChestonModelCHD-6104FeatureDurable and powerfulPower350 watts

PROSCONSEssential drills missing in the kit.

Havells Toastino 2000-Watt Stainless Steel Grill Sandwich Maker Review

Today, there are many people who love preparing fresh food for their own stomach in the morning. The breakfast often comprises of a bread toast or a sandwich grilled with a stuffing of veggies or some salad dressing. Making the sandwiches in the old traditional way might take time and may also keep you hooked to the stove.

Therefore, today we are going to review the Havells Toastino 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker, which is going to help you in making amazingly crisp and delicious toasts or sandwiches in your kitchen. This grill sandwich maker offers a lot of convenience to the user since you can perform other tasks in the kitchen while the sandwich is being prepared. So, if you need to make your own breakfast in the morning, buy this fabulous kitchen appliance that won’t disappoint you ever.

Havells Toastino Stainless Steel Press Grill

The Havells Toastino 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker with BBQ permits the user to get accurate cooking owing to the 30-minute timer that you will be able to set while you prepare your toasts. Having this amazing grill sandwich maker, you can relish the mouthwatering grilled-roasted foods or snacks at your personal suitability.


This ergonomically intended Havells Toastino Grill Sandwich Maker is available in the casual tint of black & grey and offers a slim and smooth casing. The sandwich grill maker is capable of making 4 different Grill sandwiches at once and it functions with an amazing power of 2000 watts and operates at 230 volts. The finest aspect regarding this grill sandwich maker is the fact that it comprises of a non-stick coating over the grilling plates, which permits you to prepare well-ordered and delicious grill sandwiches devoid of the parts getting stuck on any of the sides. It further comprises of a couple of indicators which notifies you while the grilled sandwich has been totally prepared.

Advantageous Features

There are a lot of benefits, perks or advantages that you can relish after buying the Havells Toastino 2000-Watt 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker. A few of those have been described below:

Stainless Steel Finish

It comprises of a stainless steel finish, which matches impeccably with any kitchen setting, and is perfect for all the customers that have a modular kitchen at home. This feature is the aspect that people generally notice even before they go into the specification of the toaster or sandwich maker.

105 Openable Grill Plate

Owing to this feature, the customer is able to open the grill plate up to 105-degrees, which take away the risk of the grill plate falling on your hands. A lot of grill sandwich makers do not offer this feature and offer a design that doesn’t even open at a 90-degree angle.


4 Slice Sandwich Press Grill

People generally are fond of relishing a grilled sandwich over the customary sandwiches made on the frying pan. Therefore, to take home the advantage of making grilled sandwiches with a whole lot of ease, the Havells Toastino is here to provide a 4-slice sandwich press grill. Using this grill, you would not require slicing the toast after making it since it cuts the whole bread into 4 separable pieces.

Unique Extra Oil Collector Tray

There are users who like to add some oil to the bread so that the loaf doesn’t get burnt while it is being toasted. But, after making the sandwiches it becomes really tough for the user to clean their grill sandwich maker. Thus, this Havells Toastino offers an innovative additional oil collector tray to avoid any problem with using oil.

Indicator for Power On and Ready Function

In the morning, people are often in a hurry to prepare food and move towards their office. In the process, people generally tend to forget things which are being cooked on the stove. With this sandwich maker, you get the power on indicator so that you don’t miss out on turning the toaster off after preparing your meal. Another indicator signifies the ready function so that you take out the prepared grill toasts and prevent them from getting burnt.

Adaptable Temperature Regulating Knob

Using the Havells Toastino Grill Sandwich Maker, you also get an adjustable temperature controlling knob that offers you that optimum temperature on which you want to grill the bread. People generally have some preferences while they prepare their sandwiches and even if you follow any cooking channel on the internet, they would ask you to keep a steady temperature while the sandwich is being prepared.

Food-Grade Non-Stick Coating

The Havells Toastino 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker comprises of a food-grade non-stick coating that prevents the foodstuff or your bread to get stuck to the grilling plate and get burnt. This non-stick coating doesn’t react with your food making it safe and healthy to eat. People often tend to apply oil to the food that they grill or toast, but owing to the non-stick coating, you don’t require adding oil and prepare a healthy toast or sandwich in the morning.

2 Years Warranty on the Product

The Havells Toastino Sandwich Maker has been covered with a 2-years warranty on the overall product. The warranty period offered with the appliance usually tells us about the quality of the product and the period for which you don’t require spending money on the maintenance of the product.

Power Air Fryer XL Review – Eat Healthy Fried Food

Are you someone who wishes to enjoy fried food and looking for ways to enjoy it without any guilt? If this resonates with you then congratulations we’ve something great for you. In this post, we’ll review Power Air Fryer XL which will let you enjoy fried food without any excess oil or posing threat to your overall health. It sounds like a dream come true for food lovers. Makers of this product claims, you can use this appliance easily and efficiently without using excessive oil or anything greasy you can enjoy Oily and deep fried food in the healthiest manner ever.

Power XL Air Fryer Features

You can use Power XL Air Fryer for all the right reasons. And, especially for people who love to gorge on fried chicken, French fries, chicken tenders, deep fried fish sticks, or also desserts.


  • The Rapid Air Technology used in Power Air Fryer uses cyclonic and superheated air to fry foods which gives you the same taste as deep fried one which only means that you can have the same taste and look and that too without any excessive oil used. This is a reason why there are plenty of reasons to give Power XL Air Fryer a shot.
  • With Power XL Air Fryer (5.3 QT, Black), now you can fry your chosen foods with less oil and stay in shape and form without leaving anything you crave.
  • XL Air Fryer is quite handy and exceptionally easy to use.
  • You can enjoy deep fried food with 80% fewer calories be it fried chicken, French fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, or even desserts.
  • Cyclonic Technology simply means that Power Air Fryer XL uses six different functions with this one single device like roasting, air frying, baking, steaming, sautéing, and grilling.
  • Unlike the previous model, the XL Power Air Fryer comes with a digital panel which works with one touch panel and can easily access all seven programs for easy and hassle-free cooking with an automatic shut off and a built-in timer.
  • Inside the fryer, you’ll find non-stick easy load basked, which is dishwasher safe and is good for easy cleanup. The adjustable divider features also allow you to cook the variety of food at one go.
  • You can even toss your grill, stove top, and toaster oven if you simply place it in the oven and cook using Power Air Fryer XL.

<<Order Power Air Fryer XL Now>>

Power Air Fryer XL Functions & Operation

Generally, the menu display seems pretty candid and open to operate with four main option buttons:

  • The power button in the middle,
  • The preset button right beneath it,
  • The time control button to the left, and,
  • The temperature control button to the right.

To access the seven different programmed settings you need to use the preset button. However, you can manually adjust the time and temperature if needed. Though, Air Fryer XL’s temperature maxes out at 400°, though it does come with a convenient automatic shutoff timer.


I am sure with all the enticing features you want to grab this magic Power Air Fryer XL and ready to start cooking food without any unhealthy or excessive oil. As per the makers, the Fryer works in a three very simple and easy steps:

Step 1

All you need is to load the basket with your chosen food.

Step 2

Choose the cooking setting accordingly.

Step 3

Grab your favorite’s food from the fryer and enjoy great fried food with less than 80% calories. In this review, we’ll cover up everything you need to know about Power Air Fryer XL to make a purchase that is informed and well thought of.

Power Air Fryer XL vs. AirWave Fryer

If you go by look and feel, it more or less seems like Power Air Fryer XL is a refurbished version of the original AirWave Fryer. In fact, if you try to visit the official AirWave’s website, you’ll be routinely forwarded to the Power Air Fryer XL website.


Is there any significant dissimilarity between the two? But first, let’s talk about comparisons.

Both of these models use the same cyclonic superheated air to cook and give a golden brown, crispy exterior locking the moisture at the same time. The only difference is they use the different names for the same technology. The Power Air Fryer XL names it “Rapid Air Technology” while AirWave’s call it “Turbo AirWave Action” which one of the same things if you delve deeper.

In simple terms, the level of cooking and the performance delivered is nearly same.

When it comes to design, it fryer looks sleeker and is available in two colors and three different sizes according to the requirement. While on the flip side AirWave is available in only two sizes.

Bonus Tip

Are you interested in cooking chicken in your Air Fryer the way it is shown in commercials? You’ll need to buy in the latest model and you can order as per your requirement.

When it comes to functionality, the Air Fryer seems to denote a fairly big update. Why?  It now also features a digital panel with 7 different one-touch sensors preset option and a patented air chamber with a copper non-stick dishwasher safe basket.

Is Air Frying the Same as Traditional Frying?

Before making any statement on whether air frying is same as traditional frying. We must get into how it actually works on the interior. If you go the official website of Power Air Fryer XL’s it describes the superheated air for great crispy fried food without adding any extra oil which increases fat and calories.

Since you’re not cooking or deep frying in the air fryer in any oil or fat so in reality no frying is involved. However, various reviews mentioned that the device is a combo of fan-forced hot air and a grill plate to heat food through. Which when comes to effect looks like a very small fan- forced that resides on your bench with a pull basket for the food.


Do you know how a convection oven works?  This oven features fans which circulate hot air around the food.  And, simply vents out which provides faster results.  

In a real way, air fryers use the similar concept to cook food, just in a smaller cooking area with higher speed fans.

That being said, if you’re expecting the exact same results as deep frying gives or traditional one then you might end up disappointing yourself. But whatever you get from air fryer is healthy and with less to no oil.

The other thing is air fryer works best with pre-fried foods like frozen foods, chicken, fish sticks, chicken wings etc.


Firstly, if you go with pre-fried or packaged food and use them in Air Fryer and consume them there is no health benefit that comes along it is zero to insignificant.

Secondly, air fryers are basically just overvalued countertop convection ovens. So, if you’re looking for the exact same taste as your home-cooked chicken then you’re in disappointment. In reality, you might not be pleased with the results.

Top 10 Best Welding Machines in India (Updated 2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Whether you are someone who likes fixing and building things, or someone who runs a welding business, finding the right tools can be very difficult.

Here is our take on the top 10 best welding machines available online in India.

Welding machines are highly versatile and the Indian market is home to some of the most reliable brands that produce them.

If you happen to be looking for the perfect welding machine, here is a list of the top 10 welding machines based on expert opinions, user reviews, technical specifications and value for money. 

If you are looking for the right welding machine for personal use or business, these are the key deciding factors that you should consider:

  •   Purpose: What kind of welding work do you intend on using the machine to perform, this will determine the machine you should be looking for.
  •   Frequency of Use: If you do not intend to use the welding machine frequently consider getting something that’s less heavy-duty.
  •   Budget: determine your budget before looking for a suitable welding investment.
  •   Portability: If you will be working outdoors or traveling a lot with the machine, prioritize on welding machines that have durable portability features such as handles and wheels.
  •   Materials: for heavy-duty welding consider investing on top-end welding machines and budget units for light usage. 

For detailed information about best welding machines and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best welding machines in India.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Welding MachinesBuying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about the latest welding machines technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 

Top 10 Best Welding Machines in India (2019) 

Although my favorite among all is iBell Inverter ARC Welding Machine but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

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2. BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine 200A

If you are looking for a product that packs a punch above the entry-level welding machine available in the market, look no further than the BMB technology inverter welding machine.

You have a voltage input that goes up to 250V which is a step higher than 200V machines that you get normally.

There are several safety features including overload protection, a safety chamber for electrodes, thermostat controls and more.

You also have fan controls which is something you don’t see in other entry-level products.

The 200A welding machine comes with self-adaptive arc force which makes welding much easier.

This ARC Welding Machine is the most recommended product by our editor due to the value for money it offers and the wide range of features it packs for the price.

From auto-compensating voltage fluctuations to a wide operating voltage level, you have access to nearly everything you would want from a high-quality product.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon


  •   It is an Arc welding machine
  •   Durable metal construction
  •   Comes with voltage and fan controls
  •   Overload protection built-into the welding machine


  • 1-year warranty
  • Higher operating voltage than most entry-level products
  • Portable design
  • Self-adaptive arc force for easier welding


  • Higher than normal energy consumption

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3. V&D Tools Inverter Welding Machine Arc 200 Amps

If you are looking for a low voltage inverter welding machine, you will be more than impressed with V&D’s entry-level offering.

The machine arc 200 Amps welding machine is one of the best products in the market right now and it is targeted at welders who want something affordable.

You get access to IGBT technology that makes working the machine a whole lot safer. It comes with an assortment of accessories including an electrode holder, earthing cable and clamps.

When it comes to the design of the Arc welding machine, there are plenty of heat-dissipatingvents and it features a portable design meant to make the welding machine portable. One of the best things about the V&D Portable welding machine is that you do not have to spend much money on maintenance due to the parts being readily available in India.  You need not worry about after sales support, and warranty claims at service centres easily available in India.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   Powerful welding machine with a compact and lightweight design
  •   A full assortment of accessories included
  •   Portable design
  •   200V voltage input


  • Light Weight and portable
  • Energy efficiency is great
  • Noise and heat-dissipating design
  • 12 months warranty


  • Heats up when using for long periods

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

4. TOSHON TIG-ARC200 Inverter Welding Machine

If you are looking for an entry-level welding machine that can get any light welding work done, the ARC200 by Toshon is one of the best products available right now.

Our editor considers it to be the most value-for-money product on the list not just because of its pricing but also its performance.

It outperforms nearly every welding machine available at this price point.

The machine is constructed out of steel for maximum durability and is coated using scratch-proof colours to avoid any damage to the metal body.

Toshon did a great job when it comes to making the welding machine portable by adding handles and minimizing the weight with zero compromises.

It comes with all the accessories you would ever need including earthing cables and clamps.

While it might not be ideal for heavy-duty usage, it is great for those looking for an entry-level welding machine.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon


  •   Can be carried anywhere due to its compact and lightweight design
  •   The welding machine comes with a current regulator that ranges from 10-200 Ampere.
  •   It comes with a LED light to indicate that it is working or not.
  •   Comes with earth cable and clamp and it will also help you in preventing shock.
  •   High-quality steel construction.


  • Shock-proof
  • Power-efficient
  • Steel construction
  • Lightweight and portable


  • High noise levels

Top 10 Best CCTV Cameras in India (Updated 2019)

Looking for the Best Wireless CCTV Camera? Great! You have come to the right place as we bring forth a list of the leading names that are ruling this industry since the past few years.

Want to keep your home or workplace safe while you are away?

Then you should consider investing in good quality CCTV. They are practically everywhere these days and they are needed in homes, workplaces and public spaces for preventing crime.

If you happen to be looking for a CCTV camera installation for your home or workplace, these are the top factors that you need to consider before finalizing your purchase:

  •   Pricing: You want to invest in quality products that offer the right mix of affordability and features.
  •   After-Sales Support: Warranty and after-sales support are extremely important while considering security equipment.
  •   Features: There is no need to invest in excessive features and it is important to choose based on your requirements.
  •   Resolution and Zoom: The amount of detail you want your cameras to capture and the zoom levels determine prices and you need to find a sweet spot.
  •   Lighting: If you do not have lighting to support your cameras you will need to invest in more expensive CCTV cameras with infrared lighting.

For detailed information about best wireless cctv camera and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best cctv camera in india.

Now that you know what factors should determine your purchase, let us take a look at the top 10 best CCTV camera that you can get your hands on in India today.

We selected our list of products based on expert opinions, user reviews, tech spec, and the pricing to find the most value for money products available out there.

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We Highly recommend you to read the CCTV CameraBuying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest CCTV camera technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera in India (2019) 

Although my favorite among all is D3D LittleLF HD 720P WiFi Home Security Camera 360 PTZ but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.


Model Name




Camera Type

Check Price

D3D LittleLF HD 720P WiFi Home Security Camera 360 PTZ

(Editor’s Choice)



360 degree

Indoors   Check Price   

Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera

(Reasonable Price)



360 degree

Outdoors   Check Price   

Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera


SD Card


360 degree

Indoors   Check Price   

Division DS-2CE56D0T-IRP



360 degree

Indoors   Check Price     

Bolt IP Camera Wireless Dual Antenna Rotating HD Wifi Indoor Security CCTV

SD Card, FTP


360 degree

Indoors   Check Price   

D3D Wireless HD Outdoor Security Camera: D8862

SD Card



Outdoors   Check Price   

Sricam SP Series SP005 Indoor Security Camera

SD Card


355 degree

Indoors   Check Price   

Hikvision DS-2CE5AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Indoor Dome Camera



360 degree

Outdoors   Check Price   

Sricam SP007

SD Card


360 degree

Outdoors   Check Price   

Panasonic PI-HPN203L 2MP Bullet Camera (White)




Outdoors   Check Price   

1.  D3D LittleLF HD 720P WiFi Home Security Camera 360 PTZ

This indoor security camera is highly recommended by various websites for its great features.

It is one of the Best CCTV Cameras in India. It is one of the best options for a CCTV camera if your preferred location is indoors. It can be set in a house, shop, school or college.

It possesses the cloud recording feature due to which it saves the recordings on FTP server.

So even if your camera is broken or stolen your recordings will be saved and can be viewed on FTP server.

The camera can be controlled the way you like with the help of your mobile phone.

It has a 360 Degree Mobile Control which helps the camera to rotate horizontally or vertically with the help of an app.

While you are away from the house and need a sneak inside the house, you can adjust the camera by using the mobile app.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   IR Night Vision feature and motion detection.
  •   Display Resolution : 1080 Full HD
  •   There are an inbuilt microphone and speaker which allows you to have a video chat. You don’t even have to connect anything to a computer.
  •   Warranty : 1 Year
  •   Battery Required : No
  •   Digital Storage Capacity : 64 GB
  •   Optical Zoom : 2 X



  • 1280×720 pixels HD picture quality.
  • Installation is pretty simple and does not require installation charges.
  • Night vision can capture up to 10 meters.
  • The camera can be moved 360 degrees from any part of the world.


  • Can be a bit expensive.

  Click here to Buy this product right now  

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2. Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet Camera

Our next CCTV camera is one of the preferable cameras for outdoor locations. Hikvision has been a trusted brand for CCTV cameras in India. 

The camera provides 2 MP CMOS image sensor and signal system – PAL/NTSC with effective pixels 1296 (H) * 732 (V).

The lens the camera possesses is 3.6 mm and lens mount of M 12.

The adjustment range of the camera ranges from pan – 0 – 360 degrees. It can tilt 0 – 180 degree and rotate from 0 – 360 degree.

So you can watch any angle of your house or office. It has day and night vision with an IR cut filter and an auto switch.

Its video frame rate is 1080p at 30fps. The camera provides an internal synchronization and S/N ratio of more than 62 dB.

If you are looking for something that can push out 30fps video and do not need 1080p recording this is a great product.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   Effective Pixels – 1920 (H) * 1080 (V)
  •   Bullet camera 1 Pcs
  •   High-Quality Branded and Trusted Product.
  •   Image sensor – 2MP CMOS image sensor
  •   Display Resolution : 1080p
  •   Adjustment Range: 0 – 360 degree
  •   Mode: Night vision mode



  • Videos are recorded and stored in cloud storage.
  • Latest HD digital video recorders.
  • Power consumption – max 4 W.
  • Weather-proof.


  • No audio output
  • No memory slot to store images and videos.

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

3. Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera

Next in line is the MI’s latest in smart home security. The AI sensor and compatibility with Android smartphones is what makes this one of the smartest products on our list.

It is a budget-friendly camera with several options just for you.

The camera works and connects with your phone even if you do not have Wi-Fi. The cameras are CE and FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies.

Its motion detection and intelligent alerts are amazing and it can send real-time push notifications to your phone with captured images when you are away from home.

Furthermore, it also has an intelligent digital zoom for you to view the images and videos properly.

You have access to in-depth controls that allow you to customize the images and get the best possible output when recording.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  •   Motion Detection
  •   AI-based scanning techniques
  •   64GB storage
  •   Support Devices : Android 4.4 above or IOS 9.0 above
  •   Working temperature: -10℃ – 50℃
  •   Optical Zoom : 2 X



  • Best Android-compatible security camera available in India
  • Inverted Installation Possible
  • Suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Mi Talkback features


  • Expensive compared to less feature-rich devices

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

4. Division DS-2CE56D0T-IRP

This model of Division is an indoor night vision dome-shaped camera. With 2 MP CMOS image sensor, it also provides an effective signal system.

It gives minimum illumination of 0.01lux at (F 1.2, AGC ON) and 0 lux with IR. The camera’s lens is 3.6 mm and the lens mount is M 12.

It provides both day and night vision for better protection of your household. Additionally, the camera also gives an amazing angle adjustment with pan 0 to 360 degree.

It can tilt from 0 -75 degrees and rotate from 0- 360 degrees.

It has an internal synchronization and the video frame rate is 1080p at 25 fps/1080 p at 30 fps. Also not to mention, the camera is affordable for all the customers and is budget-friendly.

It is one of the most budget-friendly camera options available and you should go for it if you need an affordable security camera.

Top 10 Best Inverter AC in India (Updated 2019) – Reviews & Comparison

Over time, Air Conditioners have undergone a status change from a luxury to an affordable necessity for every household in India.

This change has mainly been brought about by the development of the Inverter Air Conditioner technology, which has made Air Conditioners more energy efficient, helping reduce AC electricity consumption.

Normal Air Conditioners use a standard compressor, which operates in an all-or-nothing fashion.

This means the compressor stays on and continues working until the room reaches the set temperature and then turns off until the room warms up again.

On the other hand, the Inverter AC uses a compressor which regulates the airflow constantly in accordance to the temperature set by you.

For detailed information about Inverter AC and which one to go for we recommend you going through our buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article as it can be really beneficial for you in selecting the best inverter ac in India.

If you are out to buy a new air conditioner, use these pointers to help you make the right choice:

  •   Energy Rating: make sure the air conditioner is energy-efficient as this will help you reduce your power bills in the long-run.
  •   Air Quality Features: the air conditioner should have an air purification technology to help filter odor and dust particles.
  •   Size: make sure the Air Conditioners ton capacity is suitable for the room size to maximize cooling and reduce operational pressure.
  •   Additional Features: the Air Conditioners must have additional features such as timers, blue tooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity to improve the user’s experience.

Top Air Conditioner brands are investing heavily towards improving their Inverter AC efficiency and features, the potential customer now needs to assess and make a decision on which one to buy.

After performing in-depth market analyses and research of the top-ratedAir Conditioner brands, we have compiled the following list of Top 10 Best Inverter AC in the market today.

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We Highly recommend you to read the Inverter ACBuying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Inverter AC technologies and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 

Top 10 Best Inverter AC in India (2019) 

Although my favorite among all is LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, JS-Q18CPXD2) but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.


Model Name


Energy Rating

Dust Filter

Top Feature

Check Price

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, JS-Q18CPXD2)

(Editor’s Choice)

1.5 Ton



Himalaya Cool Mode   Check Price   

Voltas 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 184V SZS

(Reasonable Price)

1.5 Ton



Ambient Cooling Mode   Check Price   

Midea 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White


1.5 Ton



Eco-Energy Saving   Check Price   

Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, GIC 12GTC5-WSA 5S)

1 Ton



Arctic Cool Technology   Check Price     

Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating Inverter Split AC (Copper, FTKH50 SRV16)

1.5 Ton


Yes (Anti-Microbial)

Low Energy Mode   Check Price   

Samsung 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy, AR12NV5HLTRNNA)

1 Ton



Anti-Ozone Depletion   Check Price   

Hitachi 1 Ton 4 Star Split Inverter AC – White (CSE-412HBEA)

1 Ton



Dehumidifier   Check Price   

Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (1.5T 3DCool Eco Inverter 3S,White)

1.5 Ton


Self-Cleaning Filter

2-Way Auto Swing   Check Price   

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy, 5CNHW18QATX IC518QATX)

1.5 Ton



Brushless Motor   Check Price   

Mitashi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Air Conditioner (Copper, MiSAC153INv45)

1.5 Ton



Auto Restart   Check Price   

1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, JS-Q18CPXD2) 

This product utilizes LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor technology, providing a higher speed cooling rate as compared to conventional compressors.

The technology is meant to address cooling and noise issues, helping enhance sleep.

LG Inverter AC also comes with special protection known as “Ocean Black layering” which is designed to resist corrosion and increase the unit’s resistance to weathering effects and pollution.

 LG’s proprietary ‘Gold Fin’ Condenser, is built-in to provide anti-corrosion. This Air Conditioner is ranked at the top of the list due to its ‘Himalaya Cool’ and ‘Monsoon Comfort’ modes. 

Overall, this is one of the best mid-range inverter ACs in the market now and this dual inverter technology is definitely worth investing in.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon


  •   3 Star BEE Rating
  •   3M Anti- Bacterial and Micro Dust Protection Filter
  •   Stabilizer Free Operation
  •   9 Year Warranty on Compressor
  •   Low refrigerant detection
  •   Himalaya Cool, Monsoon Comfort, and Sleep Mode
  •   Copper



  • Useful Innovative Features
  • Weather and Pollution resistance
  • Long Warranty


  • No Horizontal Swing
  • LG Customer Service is less than satisfactory

  Click here to Buy this product right now  

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2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 184V SZS) 

Voltas has always been the market leader when it comes to Air Conditioners, and this Inverter AC is a real bang on the buck with its low noise level, steady cool compressor and 100% Copper condenser.

The high ambient cooling mode chills the room almost instantly, and the high EER rotary compressor maintains stable and steady cooling.

This AC is the best Split AC 1.5 ton & also has a wider than normal voltage range, protecting your unit from voltage fluctuations.

Considering the fact that you get access to so many safety features as well as a 4-star energy rating at such an affordable price,

Voltas is another impressive and worth recommending to anyone looking for a mid-range AC. This AC is best suited for apartments.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   4 Star Rating
  •   Twin Rotatory Compressor
  •   Wide Voltage Range Operation (150V – 270V)
  •   Eco-friendly refrigerant (R410a)
  •   4 Stage Filtration
  •   1.5 Ton Capacity



  • Low Noise Level
  • Low price for a Four-star energy rating
  • Auto-restart on power cut
  • Twin Rotatory Compressor


  • No horizontal swing
  •  After-sales service is lacking
  • Isn’t as feature-rich as others in the same budget

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

3. Midea 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White

This Air Conditioner is relatively new to the market, but this Carrier product has more than proven itself with its innovative features and budget-friendly pricing.

The product comes with all the features provided by others in the same budget – 3 Star ISEER Rating, rotary compressor, and a copper condenser coil.

What sets this AC apart is its proprietary features such as the “Follow me” setting, which sounds gimmicky but actual quite effective.

The “Follow Me” feature uses a remote in-built sensor to detect the ambient temperature, helping provide cooling as per the user’s immediate surroundings.

Overall, this Inverter AC remains to be tested by time but delivers enough innovation to warrant an entry on this list for its solid product overall.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Flipkart


  •   Follow me mode
  •   I-Eco Energy saving, I-Check, I-Cleanser
  •   3 Star Energy rating
  •   Horizontal and Vertical swing
  •   Auto Restart



  • Feature-rich
  • Extended Warranty with Flipkart
  • Light Weight


  • Plain design

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

4. Godrej 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, GIC 12GTC5-WSA 5S)

Godrej uses what it calls Arctic Cool Technology which allows this AC to cool rooms quicker than most other air conditioners.

The Noise level for this AC reaches 28 Db, and it consumes approx. 582 units over 1600 hours of use per year.

It comes with a Silver Ion filter, Anti-dust filter, and hydrophobic coating to provide protection from all kinds of germs and microbes.

This air conditioner also comes with a Copper Condenser and a Connecting Pipe, which allows for easier heat-transfer and ensures efficient cooling.

This is one of the best 1 Ton Inverter AC that you can get right now and its operable limits definitely suit the Indian environments.

This is a highly impressive entry-level AC and can’t recommend it enough.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon


  •   R410A Refrigerant
  •   7-year warranty on compressor and 1 year on product
  •   Stabilizer free operation
  •   5 Star energy rating
  •   I-Sense technology



  • Twin Column Condenser coil and Additional evaporator coil provide superior cooling
  • Easy Installation
  • Extra protection for outdoor and indoor components
  • Copper Condenser and Connecting pipe


  • Remote buttons don’t glow in the dark
  • Heavy unit

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

5. Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Rating Inverter Split AC (Copper, FTKH50 SRV16) 

Daikin is another top Air Conditioner brand in India, and its latest product release the Daikin FTKH50 has refined inverter technology to use 30-35% less energy as compared to Normal Split AC.

The Air Conditioner has 3 fan speeds and an automatic setting. Its automatic temperature setting increases the cooling temperature gradually by two degrees over a two hour period.

Although it isn’t accompanied by any bells and whistles, this product is an all-round best, delivering the most stable performance among the products on this list.

The power chill feature is quite impressive and the automated settings and smartphone controls make it one of the smartest home appliances we have ever seen and definitely an option to consider for mid-sized rooms!

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon


  •   3 Fan Speed
  •   3 Star energy rating
  •   Automatic Temperature Setting
  •   Air microbial filter



  • 100% Copper coating
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Great Energy Efficiency.


  • Expensive

  Click here to Buy this product right now    

6. Samsung 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Alloy, AR12NV5HLTRNNA) 

Samsung’s Sunflower series air conditioners are popular for their energy-efficiency. The variable-speed compressor is the highlight of this inverter AC as it allows you to get maximum cooling with minimal noise.

Opt. for this Ac only if you have small rooms as the capacity is only 1 Ton, making it a perfect AC for rooms falling within 100 sq. ft. in size.

Samsung Inverter AC comes With an impressive 5 year warranty on the condenser and 10-year warranty on the compressor, you can expect long term after-sales service from the manufacturer.

The ozone depletion prevention mechanism limits your AC from low performance.

This is definitely a great AC falling within the entry-level segment and a definite preference for individuals looking to replace their AC in small rooms.

Check all products in this category on Amazon     Check Price Amazon   Check Price Flipkart


  •   5-star energy rating
  •   1 Ton Capacity
  •   Dublin Corrosion resistance
  •   Good Sleep mode
  •   Stabilizer built-into the AC



  • Silent operation
  • Extremely fast cooling
  • Single user mode available
  • 5-year warranty on condenser


  • The condenser coil is made of alloy